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ENC 1101 (Selitto): Choose a Topic & Keywords


Here you will begin the research process. Complete all activities in boxes 1 and 2.

1. Select Your Topic

  1. Open the Suggested Research Topics document and choose one of the given research questions. 
  2. Open the Proposal Worksheet and enter this as the Research Question.
  3. Identify the specific topic that this research question deals with. Enter this on the Proposal Worksheet.
    Example: ​Research question: "Why do women earn less money than men?" ​Specific topic: gender pay gap 
  4. What general concept or category does this topic relate to? Enter this on the Proposal Worksheet as the general topic.
    Example: In the above scenario, the general topic could be: women's rights

2. Create a Keyword List or Map

First, watch the explainer video on selecting keywords.

Next, download and complete the Keyword Map. Alternatively, make a list of keywords in your notebook.