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OAER at Valencia College

This guide provides information on resources that can be used as supplementary course materials.


The Library provides access to databases that contain e-books, e-journals, images, videos, etc. that can be used to supplement textbooks and other course materials. Please let your liaison librarian know if you will be using OER's in your classes.

You can use this link to search across repositories.

The links on this guide may change, if you discover a dead link, please let me know: 


Fundamentals of Business

Case Studies

Open Access Business Cases

Arthur Anderson Case Studies Case Studies dealing with Business Ethics in Canada

Workplace Health Case Studies: Canadian Government

A free, online service of The Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program, which provides abstracts and publisher information for case studies that “pose social and environmental challenges within traditional business problems.” However, many of the cases listed are from the Harvard Business School and the European Case Clearing House, so are not free or open access beyond an abstract.

MIT Sloan Cases

MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR) is a collection of teaching materials, including case studies, industry notes, and management simulations, that MIT Sloan provides as a free teaching resource open and available to the world. Similar to the course syllabi and materials found on MIT’s OpenCourseWare site, these materials carry a creative commons license allowing them to be downloaded, copied, and distributed.

Some of the cases from the oikos online case collection are also available as free cases protected under the Creative Commons license. If you are a faculty member and you are interested in teaching these cases, you can request a free teaching note by sending us an email to


Company-Specific Case Studies


Schroeder Inc.

Free Case Studies from Case Study Publishers

Free Cases from ecchEuropean Case Clearing house makes available a few cases for free.

Free Cases from the Stanford Graduate School of BusinessSeventy-seven free electronically available cases from the Stanford Graduate School of Business from 1998-2012. 

Open Access Case Study Journals

Journal of case research in business and economics Available from 2008

Journal of case studies in accreditation and assessment Available from 2008

Journal of Business Cases and Applications These articles can be handed out, posted to blackboard, linked to or course packed without copyright fees.  Teaching Notes are available for most cases and are not password protected, except for Volume I (2007-2008).  Since 2010 Teaching notes are included with cases

Journal of Information Systems Education Available 1989-present with a few missing issues. This can be handed out, posted to blackboard, linked to or course packed without copyright fees.  Teaching Notes are available, but password protected.


Monopoly gas station is a simulation activity by Mark Maier from the Department of Economics at Glendale Community College.  "Students predict the profit-maximizing price for gas at the one and only gas station in desert community. Then using data on demand and cost, they find the profit maximizing price and graph the result."

More simulations can be found here.

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