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Microeconomics - Collins - Lake Nona: Initial Research

Getting Started

Taking the first steps:

Before starting your academic research, you may want to conduct a preliminary search on your topic. If you're unfamiliar with the topic, it can be next to impossible to even know where to start. While we don't recommend using popular sources such as Wikipedia or general consumer level websites for academic work, these can be helpful for obtaining a basic understanding of a topic. 

Try using one of the online encyclopedias available through the Valencia library for a general overview of your topic. Unlike Wikipedia, the below encyclopedias have been edited and contain proper citations. These would be considered appropriate to use as an academic source.


Putting it all together:

Once you've completed your initial search, write down a list of key terms related to your topic. Use the below worksheet to organize your search terms and find what works the best. 

Why do we need primary sources?

Take a look at this social media post. What do you think they got wrong?
How could you reword it?

Mind Mapping

                                                                                     Mind Mapping
Create a visual representation of your outline using these tools. Mind maps can help you to outline your paper and organize your sources. While this can also be done using a pen and paper, many students find these sites beneficial.

Create and collaborate with other users. This platform includes presentation and sharing tools useful for group work.


Create, share, and publish an unlimited number of visual mind maps. This platform also connects with Google Drive