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Counseling - Care & Concern: Valencia Resources

Campus Resources

Mental Health Support

Learn more about Valencia's mental health related services and educational information.

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Valencia College students and employees benefit from fitness and wellness programs offered at many of our campus locations.

Pooky’s Pantry

Pooky’s Pantry provides food and hygiene products to students in need. The Pantry is located in the Student Development Office.

Valencia Student Clubs & Organizations

Learn more about warning signs, get resources, learn about facts and how to get involved, read real stories, and connect with help.

Displaced Students

Is your living situation unstable? Do you know of anyone who may be living couch surfing? We can provide assistance and resources. Schedule an appointment to meet with a Valencia Counselor today.

Financial Assistance

Valencia College offers scholarships to support students, such as textbook support should students not have funds to cover book expenses. There may be additional college resources for unique financial situations.

Student Dispute Resolution

Learn more about academic disputes and related concerns.

Valencia does not tolerate harmful behavior or misconduct that may occur on or off-campus. If you have experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or abuse contact in any form, please visit the Title IX & Equal Opportunities website as any disclosure will be taken seriously. The website describes options of reporting, resources, policies, and frequently asked questions about such behaviors and procedures.

Dealing with Immediate Emergencies

Counselors provide crisis intervention, temporary housing resources, financial support, academic and emotional resources by walk-ins or appointments. For after-hours services call 800-878-5470 to connect with a Baycare licensed therapist. Students can also call or walk to our Campus Security Office.


Learn more about the accommodations available from the Office for Students with Disabilities such as testing accommodations, calculator usage, auxiliary aids, assistive equipment and technologies, and alternate format materials. 

Learning Support

Find tutoring in math, science, writing and reading, accounting and economics, foreign languages and EAP, computer programming, and more.

Campus Security

If a student has locked their keys in the car or needs assistance with a car battery Campus Security is a free service that is available on West campus. If students feel unsafe walking to their car at night, security also provides an escort to vehicles. Contact your Campus Security office.


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