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EAP 1586C (Wish): Oral Presentation #1

Recommended Database

To use the above link for Academic Search Complete:

  • Login to Atlas
  • Click on the Courses tab.
  • Click on Search the Library.


Login using your V number, including the V, as your borrower ID and the last four digits of your V number as your PIN.

Recommended Book

Click on the book title and look at the details for the book to view the table of contents and find out whether your experiment is in the book.

The book is on reserve for EAP 1586. Ask for it at the first floor Check Out Desk.

Recommended Keywords

Asch and conformity

Milgram and authority

Milgram and six degrees of separation

Robbers cave

Jane Elliott and discrimination

Stanford prison experiment

Mischel and marshmallow

Selecting Keywords

When searching a database, such as Academic Search Complete, the words you enter matter.

Change the words, and you will get different search results.


Identify the concepts in your search and divide them into the different search boxes.

For example: The Milgram experiment on people's responses to authority figures

The key concepts in that phrase are Milgram and authority. Enter one in each box.


Limiting Your Search

On your search results page, limit your search to full text magazine articles.

Magazines are easier to read than scholarly journals.

Check off the box on the left that says Full Text.

Then scroll down and check off the box labeled Magazines.