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ORH2251C: Nursery Operations and Management: Preliminary Research

Selecting a Plant

Browse the resources below to help you select a plant for this research assignment.

What is a herbarium?

A herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens often cataloged and used for scientific studies. Some catalogs are searchable online.

Identify Keywords and Genus

Identify the keywords associated with your plant.

This could be the scientific name or common name used in various regions. For example, southern live oak or Quercus virginiana. Tip: The scientific name of your plant will begin with the genus for that plant.

Identify the genus associated with your plant.

You can sometimes find the scientific name of your plant by doing an Internet search using your plant's common name and the word scientific name. For example, you can search Google for - live oak scientific name.

You can explore the website below to find the scientific and/or common name of your plant.