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ENC 1101 (Morehead): In Depth Research

What is Peer-Review?

Duration: 3:15 minutes.

Databases for Scholarly Articles

The following databases are a good place to start for scholarly journal articles.

Scholarly journals (also commonly referred to as refereed, academic or peer-reviewed) have:

  • authors with advanced degrees in the subject
  • a special review process called "peer review" in which the articles are reviewed by other experts
  • original research on a topic
  • extensive references to other sources on the topic
  • technical language
  • an audience of experts and students

So what's the deal with And, Or, Not?

AND, OR, NOT are Boolean operators which are used to combine keywords to either broaden or narrow search results.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how these operators are used. Duration: 3:03 minutes.

Using Google Scholar to Search Valencia Databases