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ENC 1102 (Amey): Annotative Bibliography

A guide to help students find and cite sources for their annotative bibliography.

Books in the Library

The library has many resources to help you with your annotative bibliography. Below we have some examples divided into two categories: reference and circulating. What's the difference?

  • Reference books are not available for checkout, but are still very helpful to get general overviews on topics. Scanning a few sections of these books is a great alternative to checking them out. 
  • Circulating books are available for checkout. You can check up to 25 titles for 3 weeks at a time, and can request to renew items for another 3 weeks. 

One of the many advantages of the library is that all of our books, reference and circulating, are grouped by subject. That means if you find one book on the shelf that is relevant to your research, there is a good chance the books nearby will be about the same subject! 

Circulating Books

Aside from discussing literature, do you notice anything else in common about these books? Their call numbers (the unique "address" assigned to each book) all fall within the PN 41-98 range. Feel free to browse that section of the library to see what other books are available.