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HUM 2461 (Rodriguez Hernandez): Latin American Humanities: Library Research

A guide to assist students with research assignments in Professor Rodriguez Hernandez's Latin American Humanities course at the Osceola Campus.

Accessing Databases

To access the databases below, log into your Atlas account and click the "Search the Library" link in the Libraries box on the left side of the page. Once the library catalog opens, you will see the "Databases A-Z" Link in the top center of the page, above the search box. Click on the database you want to search in the alphabetical list to connect. Click the icon below to access the Atlas login page.

Sometimes you may be prompted to log into the library site using a borrower ID and PIN. Use your VID number (with the V) as the borrower ID. Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number.

Streaming Videos

Explore Your Topic

A quick Google search, book search, or some library databases can help you find a topic or narrow the focus of your topic. Aside from Google and the library catalog search, some helpful databases are listed below to get you started.

Library Resources

There are two ways to search for books and other library items at the Valencia College Libraries:

 1) Log into your Atlas account by clicking the icon below, and click the "Search the Library" link in the Libraries box on the left side of the "My Atlas" tab

2) Visit the library catalog without logging in by clicking the box below, and clicking the yellow "Library Catalog" tab. Once you get your search results, click "Books from the Catalog" on the left side of the results.

There are benefits to accessing the catalog through Atlas. You will be able to hold or request books online, so they are available when you visit a campus library. However, the link below will grant you access to the catalog in the event of an Atlas outage.

Search the Valencia Libraries Catalog below:

The following databases contain academic journal articles that can help with your research. Academic journal articles (sometimes known as scholarly articles) usually contain much more original research than other sources, but as a result can have a very narrow focus and be difficult to comprehend.

The databases listed below can help you find newspaper articles on your chosen topic. Each has a different regional focus, so consider what would be best to find the most relevant information - a newspaper from a Latin country, the United States, or even a specific state?

You are free to use any credible web site sources, as long as they have a named author. Visit the "Research Tips" tab to find some Google tips and evaluation tools to ensure you're using credible sites. Some web sites are listed below to help you get started.