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Peace and Justice Institute - The Children's Hour: Peace - Thriving Through Change

Teach the principles of Valencia College's Peace and Justice Institute with this resource guide. Storytimes, activities, and tools for families.

Welcome to The Children's Hour

Children's hour: Change is all around us

Metamorphosis and Movies. “In the end something has changed. If… | by Scott  Myers | Go Into The Story

Change can be exciting but it can also be scary. In this session, children will learn that change is a healthy and normal part of life. 

Change Is All Around Us: Children will explore and reflect on the life cycles of living and non-living things while learning ways to build resilience. Activities will include storytime, mandala drawing, and pebble meditations. Supplies needed include paper, crayons/markers, and 4 small items such as stones, Legos, beans, etc.

Storytime - I Can Do Hard Things

Pebble Meditation

What is pebble meditation? 


This meditation originated with Buddhist Zen Master, Thich Nhat Han (Thay) at the Plum Village Monastery in France.  Holding a small object allows children to reflect on each item. Children will learn to set intentions and embrace these concepts. 

This meditation uses four small items to teach the four qualities of happiness:
beauty/freshness (flower)
stability/solidity (mountain)
peace/tranquility (still water)
freedom/liberation (space/emptiness) 


Mandala Drawing

Drawing for inner-peace: Mandalas

300+ Free Colored Pencil & Pencil Illustrations - Pixabay

Mandala means "Circle" in the language Sanskrit. The circular, continuous drawings are used in many traditions to represent creation and life. What can these drawings say about ourselves? 

For resources on mandalas, visit this website: 


Additional Resources

Check out these resources to build upon today's lesson.
Kids Meditations

Sesame Street Monster Meditations
Suggested Apps

Color a Mandala
Mandala Coloring Sheets

Download Mandala Graph Paper
Create Your Own - Mandala Graph Paper


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