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Databases & Articles: Home

This is a guide to accessing databases and articles from Valencia College Libraries.

About Library Databases & Articles

Library databases are searchable, online collections of resources. They are often your best sources for newspaper, magazine and scholarly journal articles. You can also find e-books, encyclopedia articles, streaming videos, images and other resources designed especially for student research.

To Access Databases:

  1. Log in to Atlas.
  2. Click the Courses Tab.
  3. Click Search the Library. (The Library Catalog opens.)
  4. Click Databases A-Z.


Valencia Library databases are only accessible to current Valencia students, faculty and staff.

To access library databases, you must first log in to the library using your Atlas credentials.

Library databases provide access to many articles that you would have to pay for out-of-pocket if you located them using Google or another Internet search engine.

In addition, databases contain some unique content that cannot be found using Google or other Internet search engines. Most importantly, databases are designed for student research. They offer customized search options and tools, such as sample citations, e-mailing and more. And, they offer access to curated collections of credible, professional and academic sources.

On the other hand, internet searches may result in resources that are not available through databases. To do your research thoroughly, use a variety of tools including databases and internet search engines.

Compared with books, articles are usually short. They are published as parts of larger publications that contain many articles, such as newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals. Articles can also appear as parts of websites or as chapters within books.

Articles can be accessed by searching in most Library databases.

A "scholarly" article is usually one that has been written by an expert, peer reviewed, and published in a scholarly journal.

"Peer Reviewed" means the article has been reviewed by a panel of experts before publication. Certain journals require peer review before they will publish an article. A "scholarly journal" is one that requires peer review.

In many Library databases, you can limit your search to peer reviewed articles by checking a box.

List of Databases A-Z

To use this drop-down list, you must be logged in to the library. If you are not already logged in, see the instructions in the column to the right.

Valencia College Digital Library

Valencia College Digital Library is a digital archive compiled by Valencia College librarians.

Valencia College Digital Library. The Valencia College Digital Library provides online access to historical photos, student publications from the 1960s to the 1980s, and other documents from our archival collection.

Finding a Specific Journal

If you know the exact magazine or journal that you are looking for, you can search for it in Journal Search. To begin, log in to the library. Once logged in, click Journal Search. Search for the title of your magazine or journal. In the search results, click Available Online to see access options.

Using Google Scholar

You can access articles from Valencia's library databases using Google Scholar. To begin, go to Under settings, click Library Links and search for Valencia College. Check the box to enable linking search results to Valencia's library databases. Note: to link directly to library database articles from Google Scholar, you must be logged in to the Valencia library (see instructions in the column to the right).

How to Access the Databases through Atlas

The video below illustrates how to locate the library databases through Atlas. Note: For optimal viewing click the square in the lower right corner of the video to expand to full screen.

The Valencia College libraries do not welcome solicitation of resources to be added to our LibGuides. This includes but is not limited to vendors, search engine optimizers, placement of ads, products, or any other requests. Our LibGuides are carefully curated resources developed in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to support specific assignments, courses, events, and other related purposes at Valencia College. The Valencia libraries reserve the right to ignore LibGuide resource solicitations, and/or block persistent requests from groups or individuals to add or promote links in our LibGuides.