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POS 2041 (Duncan) - Impact of an Industry: Home & Preliminary Research

This is a guide for students in Professor Duncan's class researching the impact of industries on the political process.

How to Use this Guide

This is a guide to researching the impact of industries on the political process in the United States. The resources listed on this homepage are just a few general ideas to get you started.

Use the tabs above to select the type of information you are looking for. Each page in this guide suggests resources and search strategies aimed at the specific topics required in Prof. Duncan's US Government assignment.

Preliminary Research Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help guide your preliminary research and build lists of keywords.

Recommended Search Strategy

Preliminary research is the first step in any research project. This is the time to get acquainted with your topic if it is something you know little about to begin with. Look for books and articles that provide an overview of your industry. Read these overviews and make a list of key words as you read.

The key words will help you in the rest of your research.

Suggested Key Words

"____ industry" as in, "pharmaceutical industry"

Also, make a list of all the synonyms associated with your industry.

For example, automobile, car, motor vehicle.

Reference Books

Library Databases

Subject Guide