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Paper Books vs. eBooks

With the introduction of the digital book, critics and advocates have been engaged in the ultimate debate about the future of reading.

As technology continues to become a part of our everyday lives, do you think that eBooks will eventually replace paper books?

Paper Books vs. eBooks
eBooks are our future: 74 votes (35.24%)
the paper book will never go away: 45 votes (21.43%)
can't both media coexist happily?: 88 votes (41.9%)
what's a book? - TV will always win: 3 votes (1.43%)
Total Votes: 210

eBooks at Valencia College Libraries

Welcome to the Valencia College Libraries' eBook LibGuide 

This guide will help you to search for, locate and download electronic books. In addition, it will also direct you to information about eReader software, uploading eBooks to eReaders and how to cite eBooks.

There are over 40,000 eBooks available in the Valencia College Libraries catalog and more will be added in the future.

All eBooks are available to read online, while printing, copying, downloading, and audio features may vary.

West Campus Librarians

Visit the West Campus Librarians on the 2nd floor of building 6.

Call us at 407-582-1432.