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Welcome to the Valencia College Family Resource Library Guide

This guide is for Valencia College students, faculty, and staff members who are parents or caretakers of young children.

The purpose is to help caregivers and children navigate some of the issues they may face when dealing with difficult situations by providing digital resources for you to use with them.

In addition to the Valencia College resources in this guide, you can also access digital versions of kits by The Healing Library, an internationally-acclaimed program designed to support students and their families through difficult times. These activity kits are for children and adults alike, and are designed to help you navigate topics such as COVID-19, separation and divorce, or death of a loved one. 

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Valencia College Library Resources

Race, Racism, and Racial Justice

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Talking to Kids About Race, Racism, and Racial Justice

This guide is designed by the Valencia College Winter Park Campus Library team to provide resources for kids and adults alike on race, racism, and racial justice. It also includes Book Suggestions to Support Conversations on Race, Justice, and Diversity and Free Read Alouds for Kids featuring People of Color.

The Healing Library: COVID-19

The Healing Library COVID-19

This Library Guide has been designed to support your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will find a Discussion Guide, Activities Guide, and Book Recommendations with discussion and observation prompts. This combination offers your family a variety of ways to understand COVID-19 and move forward in a healthy way. This kit is designed to start your journey of healing, but not to complete it. It is intended to be educational, not to replace the work of medical professionals.

The Healing Library: Separation and Divorce

The Healing Library: Separation and Divorce

Is your family experiencing a separation or divorce?

This digital Healing Library Guide has been designed to help you and your child heal together during this period of change. You will find a children’s e-book with companion discussion questions as well as healing activities designed for children experiencing a family separation or divorce and companion supplies. This combination offers you an assortment of ways to move forward in a healthy manner.

The Healing Library: Death of a Loved One

Healing Library: Death of a Loved One

This kit is designed to start your journey of healing, but not to complete it. Just as your loved one was unique and special, the grief process experienced by you and your children will also be unique. The books, activity kit, acts of kindness and Community Helpers Guide will assist you in taking the next steps.

Death of a Pet

The Healing Library - Death of a Pet

Grief is actually a healing process that takes place after traumatic experiences such as the loss of a pet. It is a serious matter, but also an opportunity for growth individually and as a family. Pets may die, become lost, or be stolen, all of which can result in an sense of loss for a child. This guide will give you strategies to talk to your children in an honest way so they understand what has happened and can heal in a way that affords growth, better enabling them to deal with difficult times as they grow older. 

The Healing Library: Alzheimer's & Your Family

Getting started talking about Alzheimer’s can be tricky. You and your children will most likely be experiencing similar reactions, though they may not be verbalized or processed in the same way. This kit can help. Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey. There is a lot to learn about Alzheimer’s, and your family’s version of caring for yourselves and your loved one will be unique. 

About The Healing Library

The Healing Library LogoSelected content in each of these topics has been adapted from kits provided by The Healing Library, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing library resources for families to cope with challenging situations. For more information, visit their website or their terms and conditions

Healing Library Kits adapted for this LibGuide by Miranda Scotti (Valencia College Winter Park Campus)

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