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Folklore and fantasies are stories, legends, and oral histories of cultures that have been passed down through generations for hundreds of years.

Folklore and Fantasy - What Are They?

           Folklore encompasses "a wide range of beliefs, customs, dances, games, rituals, 
        superstitions, songs, legends, myths, taboos, tales, proverbs and sayings
        descended from the oral tradition, as relayed through succeeding generations by
        singers, storytellers and - later - chroniclers and folklorists."

        - David Pickering, "A Dictionary of Folklore"





          "The term fantasy literature typically evokes images of fire-breathing dragons; 
          wizards with tall floppy hats; elves; gnomes; scantily clad maidens in distress and
          the armored knights who gallop in to save them. Although these are typical
          archetypes of the genre, there is much more to this diverse branch of fiction. With
          its roots in some of the oldest recorded texts from Egypt and Babylonis, and found
          in the works of Homer, Aristophanes, and even Shakespeare, fantasy literature
          has existed for many centuries in many forms."
          - Wendy Mass and Stuart P. Levine, "Fantasy



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