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EUH 2000 & EUH 2001 (Forsythe): Home


This guide provides library resources for students in Professor Pam Forsythe's EUH 2000 and EUH 2001 classes.

Librarian Contact Information
Emilie Buckley, MLS

Library Databases

Using Academic Journal Articles

Library databases allow you to search for subject-specific academic journal articles. These secondary sources are written by scholars in their field and peer-reviewed by other subject matter experts, making them reliable sources for your research paper.

***If you run into any issues accessing databases, log into Atlas in another browser tab before clinking the links ***

Suggested Databases:

Searching for Books and Media

Locating Library Ebooks

The Valencia College Online Library has an extensive collection of eBooks on European history. Click here to search the online library, or follow the links below to access the eBook databases.

Primary Sources

What is a Primary Source?
Primary Sources are immediate, first-hand accounts of a topic, from people who had a direct connection to the topic. Examples include government documents, legislation, diary entries, maps, and photographs.

Locating Primary Sources
Depending on your topic, primary sources may also be found in the library catalog or on outside websites. To ensure that you use credible sources, the library suggests the below online archives.

Primary vs. Secondary

Primary and Secondary Sources
What's the difference between primary and secondary sources? How can they improve your research paper?
Watch this brief video on primary and secondary sources, developed by Hartness Library at the Community College of Vermont.

APA Citation

APA Citation
For this class, you will be expected to use APA 7th edition. Find resources below to help you get started.

Citation Guide

Additional Resources:

Library Research Referral Form

Research Assistance
Need help locating academic sources? Complete the below form for research assistance.

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