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EDP 2002 (Hogan) - Standardized Testing in Florida: Home

This is a guide for students in Professor Hogan's Eduational Psychology course. It provides recommended resources for finding sources on standardized testing.


In this guide you will find links to library and web resources. Please log in to the library to access all library resources.

References for this assignment can include a variety of sources, such as credible websites, newspapers, magazines, books, and scholarly journal articles.

Be sure to contact a librarian if you need help with your research for this assignment.

Logging in to the Library via Atlas

To Connect to the Library via Atlas:

1. Log in to Atlas:

2. Go to the MyAtlas tab, Courses tab, or Employees tab.

3. Under Libraries, click Search the Library.

Tips for Searching the Web

When doing research on the web, consider first who your best sources are:

  • Who or what groups are experts on standardized testing?
  • Who or what groups care the most about standardized testing?
  • Who or what groups have done research on standardized testing?

Then, include those people or groups in your search, for example:

  • standardized testing florida teachers
  • standardized testing psychologists

Come up with as many different searches as you can.

Recommended Library Resources

The links in this box will take you to subscribed library resources (not available through web / Google searching). You will find a variety of credible articles here.

If you are not logged in to the library, you will be prompted to enter your Borrower ID and PIN. Your Borrower ID is your VID number. Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number.

Recommended Web Resources