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HUM 2220 (Hoaglen): The Aegean World, Epic Poems by Homer, and Mythology

Banner: The Aegean World & Homeric Epics

Overview and Directions

Module 2 focuses on the early culture of Ancient Greece.  This period is also called the Bronze Age of the Aegean.  It is important to practice the same habits as in Module1: read the articles, watch the documentaries, and let the slides on Canvas guide you as you read and learn about Greece.  Remember to learn the vocabulary listed on Canvas as well.  It is important to think about both the culture and history of Greece in conjunction with the artifacts: I want students to mainly focus on Greek frescos, the Palace at Minos, and the myths.  Students may also draw on knowledge from Module 1, as culture and history does build and evolve. 

Bronze Age of the Aegean


Mundus Subterraneus (Map featuring Atlantis), by Athanasius Kircher (1667), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Minoan Culture

Palace at Minos

Legend of the Minotaur (The Bull)

leaping bull fresco

Toreador Fresco, Late Minoan painting from Knossos, Crete, depicting young people vaulting over a bull, c. 1550 BCE; in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete. Britannica. 

Hydria (water jar): Theseus and the Minotaur , 1963.69,” Harvard Art Museums collections online,

Mycenaean Civilization

Path upto the Lion Gate, Mycenae (28693130016).jpg
The Lion Gate, Mycenae, by Andy Hay from UK - Path up to the Lion Gate, Mycenae, CC BY 2.0.

Agamemnon's Mask Artifact

Agamemnon's Mask (Artifact)

Greek Literature, Mythology, and Hesiod

Homeric Poetry: The Iliad and Odyssey

Homer British Museum.jpg

Bust of Homer, Original uploader was JW1805 at en.wikipedia, Public Domain.

Fragment of The Iliad and the Odyssey

Ostrakon with fragment of the Iliad, 580-640 CE

Ostrakon with Lines from Homer's Iliad 580-640 CE, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Public Domain.

The Iliad by Homer: Story, Summary & Analysis

The Odyssey by Homer: Story, Summary & Analysis

Film Adaptations of "The Odyssey" (Optional)

There are several contemporary novels and movies that follow the story structure of "The Odyssey."  The Disney film Moana, for example, follows a hero saving her village from disaster by going on a journey that includes the underworld.  "O Brother Where Art Thou" is another film that follows this same story structure. 

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