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Cultural Identity Formation Speech


Step 1:  Choose a culture that you identify with. This can be based on your race, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability, nationality or age generation (millenial, genX, etc).

Step 2: For the first main point of your speech, reflect on the experiences you have had as part of this culture.  Think about the norms and expectations of your chosen culture and how you experienced them through your identity formation process, the media/pop culture messages you interacted with and how your family helped you define this culture.

Step 3: For the second main point of your speech, research the perceptions that others have of this culture.  You should focus on how these perceptions have been influenced by media, pop culture, societal expectations/stereotypes, etc.

Step 4: For the third main point, refer back to section 8.4 in our textbook and think through how you can build intercultural competence about your chosen culture by paying attention to attitudes that motivate this culture which need to be better understood, knowledge that needs to be better understood about the history of your chosen culture and skills that can enable you and others to grow in their intercultural competence.     

In this guide, we focus on step 3 of the assignment: researching the perceptions others have of the selected culture.

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