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ANT 2000H (Laguer Diaz): Searching for Information

A guide for students completing a research assignment in Dr. Laguer Diaz' Introductory Anthropology - Honors class.

Searching Overview

In this step, you'll search for information related to your topic. Your goal in this step is to:

  • find a variety of sources providing different viewpoints on the topic

Library Databases are the best tools available for finding and accessing subscription-based, scholarly research articles, news and magazine articles, as well as eBooks and educational videos on your topic. While some of these sources may be found using a Google search, they may not be accessible to you without logging in to your library account.

Websites can be valuable sources, especially the websites of expert organizations, reputable news organizations, government agencies and other experts on your topic.

Library Databases

Best Bet:

The following database is your "best bet" because it contains a strong collection of scholarly journals in anthropology and related fields.

Additional Databases to Try:

The following databases may provide additional scholarly journal articles as well as news, magazine and encyclopedia articles to inform your understanding of the topic.

6 Search Strategies for Finding Expert Sources on the Web

Begin with keywords that experts would use to describe your topic. 

Example: microaggressions

Consider who would be the experts on your topic. Add these keywords to your search.

Example: microaggressions + psychologists

Visualize the type of source you want to find. A news article? A research study? A government website? Add these keywords to your search.

Example: microaggressions + research studies

Filter your search results by date, if applicable.

In Google click Tools, then expand the "Any Time" menu. Select the appropriate time frame (example: 1 year).

Revise your search and search again. How might the results differ with each of these searches?

  • microaggressions + counselors
  • microaggressions + educators
  • microaggressions + social justice advocacy organizations

Google Scholar allows you to find some library resources and open access academic research using the Google interface. 

Searching With Keywords

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