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ARH 1000 (Levi-Aland): Researching Artists and Scholarly Criticism

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Image Databases

Use Image Databases to discover examples of art from museum collections around the world. These databases are free to access, and you can often download and save images for later use. 

Databases for Art Research

When it's time to find scholarly articles on your chosen artist, these online library databases are your best bets.

Searching for eBooks & Books in the Catalog

If you're looking for information on artists in specific time periods, eBooks are a good source of potential scholarly analysis. Check out some examples below.

You can also search our catalog for physical books to check out in person. Try using the artist's name, the name of their movement or time period (i.e. impressionism or twentieth century), or the title of the artwork as starting places for your search. If you have trouble locating results, contact a librarian. 


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Citations and Annotated Bibliographies

How to Access Library Resources

At times you may be prompted to sign in to access library resources. Use your Atlas username and password. 

To access all of our databases, log into your Atlas account and click the "Search the Library" link on the Atlas homepage. Once the library catalog opens, you will see the "Databases A-Z" Link in the top center of the page, above the search box. Then find the database you want in the alphabetical list and connect. Click the icon below to access the Atlas login page.

Login to Atlas


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At the WP Library - Oversized Books

The Winter Park Campus Library has a large collection of oversized art books available for browsing with information on artists, artistic movements, and exhibitions. Stop by Room 140 during business hours and ask to see the oversized book collection (located left of the doorway as you enter). 

Google Scholar

If you'd like to expand beyond the resources of the library, Google Scholar is a good way to search other websites and repositories for scholarly information. However, Google Scholar functions differently than a traditional Google search. In order to see many of the results, you will need to link it to your Valencia Library account. See the video above for detailed instructions.

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