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POS2041 (Mathews) - Researching Presidential Candidates: Home

This is a guide for students in Prof. Adrienne Matthews' US Government class on the West Campus. It contains resources for researching candidates in the 2012 Presidential election.

How to Use this Guide

This guide contains resources for researching the 2012 Presidential Election. Each tab represents a different type of information you will need to gather.

The Candidates & Issues tab contains links to help you compare candidates on the issues, as well as sources for background information on candidates' lives.

The News tab provides links to major news web sites and databases so that you can track current election coverage.

The Opinion Polls tab provides links to organizations that track public opinion about election candidates and issues.

The Fact Checking tab provides links to web sites that assess the truthfulness (or lack thereof) of statements by and about the candidates.

As your librarian, my contact information appears on each page of this guide. Please contact me for further help accessing or using any of the resources listed in this guide.

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