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ENC 1102 (Ojeda) : Initial Research

A guide to connect students to library resources for literary and film analysis research.

How to Use the Sources on this Page

Use the following sources to find biographical information or defined elements of your work (like theme, style, historical context, etc.).

How to Access the Databases & Catalog 

1. Log in through Atlas


2. Use your Borrower ID/PIN

  • Your Borrower ID is your VID# 
  • Your Borrower PIN is the last 4 digits of your VID#

Biography Sources

Ask A Librarian

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Short Story/Film/Poem Elements Sources

  • In this database, keep an eye out for the ".....for Students" results such as Short Stories for Students and Literary Movements for Students as they tend to have the best detailed information on elements such as themes, historical context, etc. Here is what the icons for these results can look like:

Cover of Poetry for StudentsCover of Short Stories for Students


  • Search the Catalog
    • Search for your film, short story, or poem in the catalog. Click Advanced Search. Type the name of your work in one box, and another key word like theme or style in another box. Make sure you put phrases in quotation marks. See the screenshot below of a sample search. eBooks can be viewed online, and a librarian can help you find a print book using its call number. 

Screenshot of search in catalog with Advanced Search emphasized in red box. Also emphasized in red box are the search terms "the call of cthulhu" in quotation marks in one search box, and theme in another search box.

  • Take a look at the following examples you might find in the catalog. Click the "i" icon by each book to find out what key words were used to find it.

How to Search the Catalog

Click the four arrows at the bottom of the video screen to view in full-screen mode. 

How to Search the Library with Mango from Valencia East Library on Vimeo.