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HUM 2310 (Osborn): Creation Myth Presentation

Creation Myth Presentation

Find and research a creation story from a culture and/or belief that is considered NON-WESTERN 

(meaning NO countries of western Europe and North America unless indigenous and NO Jewish, Christian, or Muslim creation stories (from the three Abrahamic religions).

Why Non-Western -- The Importance of Diversity in History

Finding a Topic

Here is a list of acceptable NON-WESTERN areas for research:


The nations and cultures of Central and East Asia (including Mongolia, China, Japan, Vietnam, North Korea and South Korea, etc.)

Africa (including Egypt)

The indigenous cultures of North and South American and Australia (including the Pacific and Oceanic Islands)


Ancient Middle Eastern or European creation myths (including Norse, Babylonian, Greek, Finnish, Persian, etc.)

Use the resources below to find a topic

Research Sources

Search the following databases for information on the particular creation myth and culture you have selected:

Images and Videos

For searching videos, you may find the following database helpful in addition to YouTube:

Be very careful if you use Google Images. It is not uncommon for images to be mislabeled on the Internet. 

Take the time to determine who is providing the image, and whether the provider is likely to be familiar enough with the subject to label it correctly. 

An alternative is to use images that you have found in other sources, such as the databases listed above.

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