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Partnerships for Educational Equity - Racial Equity Resources: Home

A guide created to support the efforts of both individuals and teams in progressing toward the goals of racial equity, this initial collection of resources is offered to those in P2E, as well as those external to the unit, to learn and progress together.


Valencia College

Partnerships for Educational Equity


Partnerships for Educational Equity exists to build and sustain synergistic collaborations among targeted programs, while serving as an example of institutional commitment and promoting an ongoing focus on and progress toward equitable outcomes in educational attainment, career placements, and economic opportunities. Partnerships for Educational Equity aims to leverage existing partnerships, as well as establish new partnerships, targeted to help students along K-16 pathways to:

  • develop aspirations for college
  • experience and participate in a college-going culture
  • gain access to college
  • benefit from available opportunities and resources in college
  • complete college


To inspire people from diverse backgrounds, identities and careers to engage and invest so that students underserved because of their identity characteristics have access to college and encounter appropriate support and resources to be successful


To promote success for all students while working intentionally toward equity-focused, inclusive excellence to persuade students to achieve a college degree and prepare for lifelong learning, civic engagement, economic contribution, personal well-being, and purposeful living

P2E Commitments to Racial Equity

We commit as individuals to…

  • Identify and engage in our own personal work to grow in our understanding of racial inequality and in our capacity to support racial equity.
  • Engage in difficult conversations and share our personal growth with others on the team and/or in the unit.

We commit as program teams to…

  • Review program practices and procedures that may hinder racial equity.
  • Identify and implement a new program practice designed to promote increased opportunity and access for racially minoritized students.

We commit as a unit to…

  • Establish and maintain intentional spaces and safety across all programs for students to bring their voices, to share their experiences, and to inform the work within programs and across the unit.

Priorities in P2E

  • Engaging in program redesign and/or review to ensure careful attention, practices, procedures, and strategies to promote racial equity
  • Establishing systems and processes for substantive programmatic evaluation to inform ongoing practices and to impact data-grounded storytelling
  • Developing a variety of robust virtual engagement strategies to maintain the high-touch support central to the functioning and impact of the programs
  • Identifying and implementing plans to ensure program growth and sustainability across the unit

Purpose of this Library Guide

To support the efforts of both individuals and teams in progressing toward the goals of racial equity, this initial collection of resources is offered to those in P2E, as well as to those external to the unit, to learn and progress together through shared experiences and discussions that may help individuals to expand knowledge, understanding, and practice.

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