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SPC 1017 - Culture and Perception Unit Faculty Guide: Home

What's in this Guide?

This is a guide for SPC 1017 faculty wishing to implement an internationalized three week unit on culture and perception.

Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to articulate the role of culture as it influences perception (identity, awareness, and acceptance) of self and others in a global context.

Global Competencies: A global citizen has the following attitudes

  • Articulates a sense of identity, self-awareness, and self-acceptance
  • Understands personal norms, biases, and expectations for oneself and others
  • Values and respects diversity

Instructions for this Unit

Co-Curricular Possibilites

Some co-curricular opportunities are:

  • Attend International Education Week
  • Attend a cultural diversity workshop
  • Eat at an authentic ethnic restaurant (see list below for suggestions)
  • Attend cultural festival (see list below for suggestions)
  • Apply for a Fulbright Visiting Scholar under the OLF program to come give a lecture on campus.
  • Invite an international student to visit your class and talk about his/her culture.
  • Assign students to watch a foreign film of their choice (see list below for suggestions)

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