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Service Learning for Education Faculty: Home

What is Service Learning

What Is Service Learning?

The Community Service Act of 1990 defines service-learning as:

“a method under which students or participants learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community." (42 U.S. Code 12511)

Service Learning Description at Valencia

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Service Learning allows students and faculty to blend educational goals with their passions.

Learn more about Service Learning opportunities available at Valencia by watching our Video.


Service Learning creates opportunities for Valencia students, faculty, and staff to learn in partnership with the community and to develop competencies that relate to course content and promote the advancement of a socially responsible citizenry.

Download our Service Learning Brochure here

Essential Components of Service Learning at Valencia

  • Academics | Students will improve their higher order thinking skills through analysis and understanding of complex problems. Students will connect the learning in the classroom to the service experience.
  • Pre-professional | Students will connect service to career exploration. Students will analyze their skill set growth related to potential careers.
  • Civic Engagement | Students will gain an understanding of the community organization and those it serves. Students will gain an understanding of their role as an active member of the society.
  • Personal | Students will experience personal growth through challenges and will develop new skills.
  • Reciprocity | Each Service Learning experience should benefit students and the community. Students are encouraged to identify a community agency and complete their service hours in a way that aligns with their Meta-majors and career pathways. In doing so, students gain pre-professional experience and college credits while giving back to our community.

Service Learning Recognition

Students have the opportunity to earn recognition by completing a service project in an integrated Service Learning course or an independent Service Learning course (SLS2940 and SLS2940H). There are three ways to be recognized at the college and they are outlined below:

  • Service Learning Lapel Pin: Each student enrolled in a Service Learning course receives a lapel pin the semester they participate in the course. Students are encouraged to wear their pins while they visit with community partners.
  • Transcript Coding: The Office of Curriculum Initiatives codes student's transcripts with the number of service hours a student completes. The number of hours coded on the transcripts is consistent with the service hours connected to the course CRN(s).
  • Service Learning Medallion: Students that complete a minimum of 40 service hours earn a medallion to wear at graduation. Medallions are awarded annually and come in 4 tiers:
    • Bronze (40-55 service hours)
    • Silver (60-75 service hours)
    • Gold (80-95 service hours)
    • Gold Plus (100 or more service hours)

    Important: If you anticipate receiving a medallion, review the steps to recieving graduation regalia below.

Steps to Receiving Graduation Regalia (Service Learning Medallions)

Step 1 | Complete a minimum of 40 service hours in a Service Learning designated course

Step 2 | Complete an Intent to Graduate form before the application deadline

Step 3 | Verify your service hours with the Office of Curriculum Initiatives at

Step 4 | Collect Service Learning regalia one of the following ways:

  • Attend Annual Night of Distinction Event: Students who are registered to graduate with the Registrar's Office and have earned a Service Learning medallion will be invited to the Night of Distinction.
  • Have the medallion mailed to the student's home address (student must notify the Office of Curriculum Initiatives)

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