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U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Constitutional Amendments: Home


This guide is a companion to "The U.S. Supreme Court and the Amendments," talk by Valencia College Professor of Political Science Tyler Branz, December 10, 2022, Winter Park Library.

Thinking Critically About Supreme Court Cases

Always look at the year of the case, then consider the make-up of the court, and consider the current events that may have affected the decisions of the Court.  Where did the justices go to school? What was their background and hometowns?  Are the cases decided in a way that reflected the times or public opinion?  Should the Court be making decisions that are adverse to public opinion?

Recommended eBooks

Amendment 4

Exclusionary Rule
Valid Searches
Probable Cause
Search / Seizure WITHOUT Warrants
  • Exigent Circumstances / Plain View / Arrests / Autos / Consent

Amendment 5

Police Interrogations

Amendment 6

Right to Counsel

You do have a right to proceed pro se (without a lawyer). See

Fundamental Rights (Amendment 9)

Amendment 14


Right to Vote (Amendments 15, 19, 24, & 26)

Case organization and themes derived from Constitutional Law (Aspen Casebook) 6th Edition by Erwin Chemerinsky & Comprehensive Criminal Procedure (Aspen Casebook) 5th Edition by Ronald Jay Allen et. al.

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