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SPC 1017 (Tan) - Interpersonal Communication : Searching for Articles

Logging In

Newsstand and other databases require a login.

To log in to databases, login to Atlas

Go to the Courses tab

Click on Search the Library.


Use your VID number as your Borrower ID (include the V).

(If you have a pre-2008 ID, use the 14 digit number on the back of your Valencia ID instead.)

Use the last 4 digits of your VID number as the PIN.

Global Road Warrior - Library Database

Global Road Warrior

What is Global Road Warrior? A reference tool for getting basic background information on a country.

What can I use this for? Basic information about your country: geographical features, etc. Find facts about the culture that seem to support your country's rankings on Hofstede's dimensions.

How do I search Global Road Warrior? Select a country. On the profile page that opens, browse the contents in the left pane. Sections such as Business Culture and Society and Culture will be particularly helpful, but other sections may be relevant, too.

Don't forget to e-mail this page to yourself!


Newsstand - Library Database


What is Newsstand? A collection of newspaper articles from major newspapers worldwide, dating back to the 1980s and through the present.

What can I use this for? All speeches must include at least one news article less than 12 months old. You will be able to find it here.

Find articles relating to your country's leader. Look for articles about recent, important events and your leader's role in them. Look for articles that are broad and descriptive about your leader.

You will be unlikely to find mentions of Geert Hofstede or the dimensions in the news. How often would a newspaper report on Hofstede? They will report on current events. But you might see a connection. If you do, great!

How do I search Newsstand? Enter the country in the first search box, and a keyword related to the country or its culture (the name of your country's leader is suggested) in the second box.

Search Tips (to find articles that fit speech requirements):

  1. Use Advanced Search
  2. Always select Full Text
  3. For Publication Date, enter Last 12 Months.
  4. Select Newspapers under Source Type.
  5. Select News under Document Type.

Result Tips:

  1. Can sort by most recent articles first (right-hand side of the screen)
  2. The right hand side of the screen has additional ways to focus the results
    • Can select a particular newspaper (publication title), e.g. New York Times.
    • Can select a particular subject
    • Can select a particular person

Don't forget to e-mail articles that you find, to yourself! The e-mail dialogue box also allows you to select and send an MLA citation.

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