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ENC 1102 (Toole): Research a Hero

A guide for Prof. Toole's ENC 1102 classes working on literary research.


  1. Research a person you define as a contemporary (living) hero.
  2. Research an article from the Biography in Context database.
  3. Introduce your hero using biographical evidence from your article. Who are they? Why are they famous?
  4. Explain why your researched person is a hero. Why do you admire him/her? How does he/she inspire you? Support your claim with evidence from your article.
  5. Support your answer with in-text evidence from the article.
  6. Include a Work Cited page.


Introducing Biography in Context

Biography in Context is one of the databases the library subscribes to.

  • It contains biographical articles about famous people.
  • Most of the articles were originally written for reference books, magazines, or newspapers.
  • A few are specially written for the database.
  • These kinds of articles all go through an editorial process that includes fact-checking.
  • An editorial process makes articles more credible.
  • If you have not yet chosen a person, the database is browsable.
  • If you have selected a person, simply search for the person's name using the search box.

Using Evidence from an Article

If you are unsure about how to use evidence from an article, review the following guide.

Giving Credit

Remember that citation has two parts:

  • the complete information about the source that appears on your Work Cited page
  • the in-text citations (the brief references to a source that you include in the body of your paper)

You must use an in-text citation every time you

  • quote a source
  • paraphrase a source
  • summarize a source

Even when you put information from a source in your own words, you must include an in-text citation.

Use the database example below for citations and in-text citations from Biography in Context.

If you need to see sample papers and/or sample Works Cited pages, please review the following.

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