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Valencia Reader - ENC1102: LBGTQ

LGBTQ Literature

Note: The terms "gay," "lesbian," "trans" and many of the other terms within the LGBTQ+ vocabulary are terms whose use began relatively recently in the 1930's. LGBTQ+ as an identity and community are also more contemporary conceptions. There is debate on whether to apply these terms to authors prior to the 1930's who did not label themselves with a queer identity. In this guide, historical authors with different relationships, gender expression, or desires than the societal norm of the time are included in order to demonstrate the diversity of sexualities and lived experiences of writers past and present. Please refer to biographical scholarship on each author for more in depth information on their lived experiences.

Aguilar, Jeanette

Lev, Arlene (Ari) Istar

Tanigawa, Donna Tsuyuko

Woo, Merle

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