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Valencia Counselors Student Care and Concern: COVID-19 Wellness Resources

COVID-19 Wellness Resources

We Are In This Together.

It can be a challenge to focus in a time of crisis. You may experience feelings of overwhelming anxiety and ambiguity. It is okay. The best thing we can do is take things one day at a time. The Valencia counselors will be available remotely to connect with you. Please review the infographic below to stay informed and connected.

Valencia Counselors: Stay Calm Positive Connected

Student Information Form

If you are a Valencia student and would like to connect with a counselor regarding your emotional health, complete the non-emergency form here.

  • If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide please call:
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Crisis Text Line
    Text Hello to 741741

BayCare Services & Resources

In these uncertain times, one thing remains the same: BayCare is here to help.

The Student Assistance Program has more than 200 therapists across the state ready to offer virtual and telephonic counseling sessions. Simply contact us at to request assistance.

BayCare Student Health Flyer

Mental Wellness During a Pandemic

In this box, students can watch videos related to mental wellness during a pandemic. Review videos by clicking on tabs to the right.

Below you will find a list of suggested e-books from the library. When prompted, your login will be your Atlas username and password.

Watch the following news reports from Texas station KHOU 11.

Watch the following news report from Miami's WPLG Local 10.

Watch the following news report from Alabama's WUVA 23.

Watch the following report from Psych Hub Education.