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Guide to Using Video: Home

Video for Academic Purposes

Welcome to the wild world of using video for academic purposes. Video is a moving target these days. There is movement away from publishing DVDs and Blurays and into content that is exclusively streaming. Unfortunately the streaming landscape is very complicated:

  • There is no one place that you can go and get access to everything.
  • Some content exists on VHS, DVD or Bluray, but has not been migrated to a streaming format.
  • Other content is available only on a single streaming service, which may not offer a library subscription.
  • And content, regardless of the platform, comes and goes. Just as Netflix changes their offerings every month, Films on Demand twice a year drops content for which they no longer have licenses.

All of this makes providing consistent access to a single title, that you may have used successfully in DVD format in a face-to-face classroom for years, challenging. This guide answers some of the frequently asked questions to help you navigate this landscape.

For More Information

For more information, contact your librarian:

Beth King, Arts & Humanities, Communications

Devika Ramsingh, Business and Hospitality, Education, Math

Nardia Cumberbatch, Allied Health, Nursing, Science

Regina Seguin, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Engineering, Computer Programming, and Technology, Learning Support