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ENC 1101 (Vrhovac) - Annotated Bibliography Project: Developing A Research Question

This is a research guide for students in Professor Vrhovac's English Composition I class on West Campus. It contains resources and suggestions to complete your assignment.

Activity 1

  1. Use Google, or another search engine, to search for your topic.
  2. Find a webpage such as Wikipedia that will provide an overview of your topic.
  3. Review some of the different aspects of your topic.
    For example, I might review the entry for food deserts.
  4. Select an aspect of the topic that interests you. Use this narrowed focus to help you develop a research question based on your area of interest.
    For example, I might focus on the relationship between income and food prices.
  5. Review the video in Activity 2 to help develop your research question.

Activity 2: Watch the Video

A good research question:

  • involves an open-ended discussion versus having a yes or no answer (or only two sides to the answer).
  • has a narrowed focus (you may need to do some background research to help you to narrow the focus of your research question).
  • allows you to find information that supports your question.
  • should meet the assignment requirements.

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