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West Campus Library Instruction / Classroom Request: Home

Please complete the following form to request Library Instruction sessions or use of library classrooms 6-220 and 6-221. Only Valencia College employees may request these classrooms. Requests for room 6-118 should be directed towards Kelly Knauth at 407-582-1631. Your request is not complete until a librarian contacts you to confirm your request. All instructors must be present with their class or send a substitute.

Library Instruction Options

Library instruction is available in online and face-to-face modalities. Please fill out the form below selecting the modality (Virtual / Online or Face to Face) OR contact your librarian liaison to discuss the following options:

  • Embedding Librarians in your Canvas course using the Librarian role
  • LibGuides
  • Asynchronous, recorded webinars or screencasts
  • Live, synchronous, recorded webinars analogous to a single class library instruction session. 
The Valencia College libraries do not welcome solicitation of resources to be added to our LibGuides. This includes but is not limited to vendors, search engine optimizers, placement of ads, products, or any other requests. Our LibGuides are carefully curated resources developed in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to support specific assignments, courses, events, and other related purposes at Valencia College. The Valencia libraries reserve the right to ignore LibGuide resource solicitations, and/or block persistent requests from groups or individuals to add or promote links in our LibGuides.