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HUM 2461 (Wilson): Mexican Mural Renaisance

About Reference Sources

Reference sources are a good place to start when you want to find an overview of

  • a movement, such as Social Realism
  • a cultural element in a place and time, such as architecture in 20th century Mexico
  • an artist or writer's work, such as Diego Rivera or Gabriel Garcia Marquez


In-Depth Sources

In-depth sources include books and ebooks, as well as scholarly journal articles.

Scholarly journal articles are original research by experts in the field. These articles go through both an editorial (review by an editor) and peer-review process (review by other experts). If you are looking for research on a particular painting you are most likely to find it in a scholarly journal. Scholarly journals are also known as academic journals, refereed journals, and peer-reviewed journals.

EBSCO Databases

The following databases are all published by the same company and may be searched together. The EBSCO databases are easy to search, but do not have as much content as JSTOR.

Search tip: check off the box labeled full text and the box labeled peer-reviewed journals.

Underneath the names of the databases, there is a list of all the articles relevant to this assignment that appear in the EBSCO databases.


Print Books on Reserve at the West Campus Library (ask at 1st floor Checkout Desk)

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